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Important Steps to Take When Your Business is Being Sued

If you own or operate a business, disputes and disagreements pretty much come with the territory. They can arise from a number of sources, including vendors, customers, employees, or even partners or co-owners.

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What Happens When an Employment Contract Is Breached?

You’ve spent years establishing your business and getting it to where it is today. You need to ensure it stays protected. Even though you do everything you can to keep it stable and running, it’s not immune to cracks.

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What Qualifies as a Trade Secret in California?

Trade secrets are valuable, providing the owner business with a competitive edge. The California Uniform Trade Secrets Act prohibits the misappropriation of trade secrets by bribery, theft, misrepresentation, or the breach of secrecy or inducement to breach a trade secret.

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Dispelling Business Formation Myths

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take a big step forward and start your own business. As an entrepreneur, you know what it takes to innovate and work hard, but you may not be as familiar with all the legal ins and outs of business formation.

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What Evidence Is Admissible in a Contract Dispute?

Whether a contract is written, oral, or implied, parties to it agree to terms each will honor. If either party fails to do so, there will be a dispute. In all likelihood, a party to the contract was harmed by the circumstances of the dispute.

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